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The Pond Family. Tracy, Jennifer, Tasha, Riley and Shayna 

Some of our Boer Goats and our Sheep.

About Us

We are a family of 5 that started out raising sheep in 2007 and then it grew to over 90 head of sheep in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 we added more sheep to our ranch to make over 150 head however mother nature decided to hit us hard with a nasty snow storm in December of 2010 and we lost a bunch of sheep that year. We are currently looking at expanding our sheep herd to having club sheep, and more commercial sheep for wool and meat.

My children are in 4-H and they wanted to show goats so we decided to run Boer Goats as well.Tasha my oldest daughter bought her first Registered Full Blood Boer Doe from JJL Ranch. Cowgirl is her name she is a very large doe. The first year she won Reserve Champion Senior Doe in the First Annual Daktana Goat Classic in Bowman, ND USBGA Sanctioned show she also won Reserve champion the last two years in 4-H with her as well. Then it escalated from there. We have 3 full blood does, and many percentage does, along with some milking nannies to raise bum lambs on. We have three Full Blood Bucks we run on the place and a couple non registered boer cross bucks.

Shayna my middle daughter raises rabbits, and some goats.

Riley my son raises what ever he would like. He is invovled in the whole place as far as the animals goes.

We have added many commercial does this year along with some milking does. In 2010 we owned approximately three does. Which since then has grown to over 100 does and 13 bucks. Of them goats there are many that are commercial, to full bloods, to purebred to percentage does and bucks.We have three full blood bucks and 10 commercial Boer or Boer dairy cross bucks. We are currently as of this year selling kids for goat tying, and for 4-h projects. It has been a wonderful experience and hope to continue to grow our herd to expand to the local markets. We have sold some to individuals to eat as meat. Yes it hurts to know they are going towards meat however we have to eat and so do they.

Goat meat is very nutritional very lean and cheaper then beef, sheep, or pig. If you would like to know more about eating goat meat just send an email and I would love to fill you in.

We also have three heifers that Tasha has started raising and showing. Lucky Diamond is 2 years old, then there is the Black Heifer and also the newest one she is showing this year at fair is a Registered Hereford heifer named Star. We are looking at purchasing more registered Hereford heifers in the next year or so. Depending on what the mother nature does to us.

We also have 6 horses; two are recovering race horses, a pony, a POA and two quarter horses that we are in the process of riding them all. Been a long process.

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Diamond J Ranch is located in Bowman ND. We raise various animals from Goats to Sheep to cattle, horses and rabbits, and Great Pyrenees.